by David Roderick

The dragon hermit.

Now, this is a story all about how a dragon who breathed fire lived in a cave. He was the curator of a local museum and he liked to work alone. The reason he liked to work alone was because he was pusillanimous. Wow! Big word. What of Earth does pusillanimous mean? Well, without looking this up in a dictionary, upon discussion, we think this means lacking in courage and showing much temerity. To others he appeared to be a lonely hostile dragon; but in Fred's head (Fred is the name of our dragon) he thought he was a survivor, and by isolating himself from others, he thought he was doing what was necessary to survive.

A dragon is a metaphor for a person who is unhappy and mistrusting. He worked in a corridor cave with books in it. Every day he was familiar with the smell of dust; and in a way he was a hermit dragon, which is not out of the ordinary, as he knew that he was fearful and loathsome. Although this might be typical for all dragons, he has embraced and embodied how society will perceive himself, even though this puts him in a dreadful place.

Now, our dragon is going to show much fortitude by undergoing a transformation in how he puts aside himself keeping others at bay. He has been reading a book called, Self-help for dragons, and he has been reading this book for 300 years.

Some people may have a problem which goes away on its own. Our dragon though, is in a dark dungeon with some books. The answer to his riddle lies in the premise that he already has the tools to fly. Indeed he has wings. This is an allegory to a hidden power, or strength, which lay undiscovered. As people, we have the choice and ability to remember the day when the sun was shining, or to recall the day when it was rainy and gloomy. Our dragon no longer isolates itself, and as a consequence others know him, and he is less of an outsider. Other people accept him more, and he is more accepting towards others. Our dragon has literally, and metaphorically, spread his wings.

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