by David Roderick

Nonsense prose.

To minimize waste,
I use re-usable containers.
When handwriting, construct elements,
And write neatly. Affix a stamp.

The sticky-bot is a robot gecko.
What is life?
Birds are alive; rocks are not.
Biologists classify fungi and archaea.
Below the surface of the Earth,
Is life -- but different.
Streptococci makes ilnesses.
But streptococci is a simple life-form.
It is alive!

The Universe is banging.
Life is on Earth.

I am having a blast.
But birthday cake obscures,
The view cast upwards.

I am a terminator fire-fighter,
With demon super-strength.

At the mall, I saw some clothes,
By visual projection.
It was a virtual image,
Of a super-model.

Is it bed-time?
I'm yawning, this morning.

Right-handed loquaciousness is very handy.

Satellites for T.V. and email communication,
Are via invisible rays, playing pool.
I pot the ball. Here comes lightning!

The weather would be not predicted,
Without satellites with a quarter-second delay.
I am geo-stationary GPS.
Let's have a party.

I have 5 senses. I am not vegetarian.
A taxidermist's creation,
Is my favourite sensation.
I can taste food,
And can see. I captivate light,
And can hear with my inner ear;
And can smell -- not awfully --
And sense the touch of a stuffed animal.

My brain is an amazing lump of 3lb.
It controls me. It is complex.
The cerebrum weighs two thirds of the weight,
And is composed of two hemispheres.
I can dream dreamy dreams,
All of which are crazily wild.
They are hints about my life,
With common themes.

I dream of feeling lost.
I am falling, but land safely.
If I can't move, I am stuck.
If unprepared, or late, I am worried.
If I am prepared, I am nervous.
If I am being chased,
Stop running, and face problem.
In pyjamas, I am embarrassed.
If flying, I am upwardly mobile.
I exercise my memory mobile.