by David Roderick


There is the word,
And the word is support.
I pause for the word,
And pause for the thought.
My thoughts are at peace.
I think of the fleece,
Of my grey Akita,
Protecting the geese,
Of the farm where I live;
Our values I give:
Respect and compassion,
And need for the fashion,
Of responsibility.
What joy, what glee.
Though I'll be outside,
I shall not be free,
From burdens or chains,
Of my mortal pains,
Of past to behold,
To be not so sold.
The future unfolds,
To golden fore-tolds.
I'll communicate well.
I'll ring the bell,
To shout out aloud,
And escape the cloud.
I've broken the spell,
And shaken the shroud.